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The high pressure aluminum die casting process

The high pressure die casting process is a kind of process in which metals are molted with high pressure for the purpose of getting the desired shapes, sizes and thickness. This is cheaper compared to plastic molding and even lighter compared to its parts which are die cast. High pressure aluminum die casting is done using a hot chamber process.

Aluminum die casting is considered as a non expendable technique of molding in which the aluminum is forced into a molded cavity using high pressure. This process can be repeatedly used in order to make different kinds of designs to produce different kinds of shapes, sizes and thickness with accuracy so that it can appear attractive to the buyers.

Today’s die casting processes is done by using high pressure method; that is, by squeeze casting and also semi solid die casting in order to cast per square inch with 4500 pounds. Squeeze casting is used in casting molted aluminum without turbulence or even gas entrapment using high pressure for the purpose of yielding high quality, density and heat on the treatable aluminum. Semi solid die casting is used to cast aluminum for the purpose of providing density and heat treatable casting with a low porosity. High pressure die casting is not only limited to casting aluminum but also different kinds of metals such as tin, lead, copper, magnesium and different alloys.

Using high pressure aluminum die casting process, aluminum and other metals are molded into cavities of the molded steel. There are two parts of molding that may happen. One is the fixer die half and the other is the ejector die half in which the molded aluminum is fabricated on the component on which it is cast.

The following are the different kinds of die that can be used: First, is the single cavity for the purpose of producing component parts. Second, are multiple cavities for producing numbers of identical parts, third is the unit die for the purpose of producing different parts in just a time and fourth is the combinations die for the purpose of producing many different parts ready for assembly. Using these different dies, aluminum can be molten and is injected to the die using high pressure as well as high speed so that the produced aluminum can be smooth and precise compared to its original mold. High pressure is maintained until the hot aluminum solidifies. Once the aluminum is hardened, the die should be opened in order to remove casting.

Recently, there are many sophisticated machines for die casting that can be used by manufacturers in order to ensure quality control. Although these different machines differ in the method of molding and casting, still the molten material is poured in the die to get the most suitable sizes, shapes and textures.

There are several advantages of high pressure aluminum die casting process. It is accurate, economical and long lasting. Besides, the process can be automated and the molds can be used repeatedly


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