Customized enclosures

When customization is required for your specific application, Simis enclosures is your competent partner. Thanks to our in-house customization facility, we are able to offer you ‘one stop solution’ for the ideal enclosure modification. For cooperative new product development, a 50% discount of molding fee is offered. Here’s a list of customization offerings we can do for you:

1. Mold processing:
Undertake the design and processing of plastic injection molds and aluminum alloy die-casting molds, design molds with CAD/CAM/CAE technology, use today's advanced LSWEDM, HSM, CNCMC for processing, and use Moldflow to analyze the molding process in the mold. The cost of molds for cooperative development of new products is halved. The processing cycle of complex structure molds is 60 days, and the processing cycle of simple molds is 45 days.
2. Shell punching:
Make partial modifications to the existing mold to complete the hole opening or sealing of the existing product. Small batches of shell openings are processed by drilling, milling, wire cutting and machining centers according to the drawings provided by the customer.
3. Silk screen print:
Plate making and printing according to the design drawings provided by customers.
4. Shielding material:
According to customer requirements, we recommend gap shielding materials, film shielding materials, vent shielding materials, observation window shielding materials, and lead hole shielding materials. And to undertake the brush coating processing of film shielding materials.
5. Change the color of the shell:
The color of the shell is usually beige or white-gray. If the color of the shell needs to be changed, the plastic shell is injected into the required color with pigment mixed with ABS material, and the aluminum alloy body is sprayed with different color paints. When color change is required, the color code must be provided, and the processing quantity is not less than 500PCS.



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