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Advantages & Disadvantages of Investment casting

 Advantages of Investment casting
1. Many Intricate forms with undercuts can be cast.
2. A very smooth surface is obtained with no parting line.
3. Dimensional accuracy is good.
4. Certain unmachinable parts can be cast to preplanned shape.
5. It may be used to replace die casting where short runs are involved.

Disadvantages of Investment casting
1. This process is expensive, is usually limited to small casting, and presents some difficulties where cores are involved.
2. Holes cannot be smaller than 1/16 in. (1.6 mm) and should be no deeper than about 1.5 times the diameter.
3. Investment castings require very long production-cycle times versus other casting processes.
4. This process is practically infeasible for high-volume manufacturing, due to its high cost and long cycle times.
5. Many of the advantages of the investment casting process can be achieved through other casting techniques if principles of thermal design and control are applied appropriately to existing processes that do not involve the shortcomings of investment castings.


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